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I’m a huge fan of current and emerging technologies, so it just made sense for me to pursue a career involving computers. The more time I spend learning certain topics or languages in software development, the more I end up falling in love with development as a whole. Most developers out there tend to sway to either front-end or back-end development. I honestly love being involved with both. I thoroughly enjoy the front-end, because it allows me to use my prevalent creative side to make really pretty, well-functioning websites and web applications. However, I also love back-end programming concepts such as C#, ASP.NET, and SQL, because it appeases the analytical and logical side of my brain. Having hands in both allows me to work on a diverse array of projects, and opens up unknown and untraveled paths in my future.

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Recent Projects

Stuffy Librarian

Stuffy Librarian | Home

Stuffy Librarian was my final capstone project I completed for the Nashville Software School.
The application is meant to help the user log and keep track of their personal mixed-media items
such as books, movies, and music. The two cornerstones of Stuffy Librarian, which help set it apart from similar applications, are the “Lend” and “Sold” features. A user can keep track of the items that they have lent out to family and friends, as well as the items they’ve sold. These two features serve a similar purpose, of which is to help the user remember what happened to items that are not currently in their possession.

Please visit the Stuffy Librarian Github repository page for a full list of features and more details about the project/app. Click here to watch a working demo of Stuff Librarian!

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