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I’m a huge fan of current and emerging technologies, so it just made sense for me to pursue a career involving computers. The more time I spend learning certain topics or languages in software development, the more I end up falling in love with development as a whole. Most developers out there tend to sway to either front-end or back-end development. I honestly love being involved with both. I thoroughly enjoy the front-end, because it allows me to use my prevalent creative side to make really pretty, well-functioning websites and web applications. However, I also love back-end programming concepts such as C#, ASP.NET, and SQL, because it appeases the analytical and logical side of my brain. Having hands in both allows me to work on a diverse array of projects, and opens up unknown and untraveled paths in my future.

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You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Quote

Front-end capstone project

This project is a reflection of everything I have learned in the first 6 months at the Nashville Software School. The project demonstrates my front-end capabilities, specifically with JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Firebase, and Bootstrap. My actual capstone project is a movie quote database called You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Quote. It allows a user to find specific quotes from any movie, and if they can’t find the quote they’re looking for, they can submit one.

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My Contacts

A Simple Contacts App

For this assignment, we had to use AngularJS to build a simple contacts app, where a user could add, save, and edit their contacts, like they would using their cell phone. A user is required to log in using their Google account, and their contact information is stored using Google’s Firebase. The user can also choose to “favorite” a contact, where it will then show up on the favorites page.

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I remember the first day of learning Angular. It was similar to learning jQuery for the first time. Most of the complications you run into are related to learning the new syntax. Other than that, I liked learning Angular. Having everything broken down into multiple JavaScript and HTML files really helped me to learn more …

Theme Park Group Project

For this group project, we were tasked with creating an interactive map for the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. Overall, I feel like the project went fairly well. One major thing we did that I believe made a huge impact on our project was our efficient and robust planning.