Straight, No Chaser

It’s the third week of class, and we’ve already managed to cover HTML, CSS, and just began JavaScript last night. If I have to assign my experience here thus far as a metaphor, it would be “straight, no chaser.” There was no soft opening to our JS lessons; no “ok, we’re just going to ease into this.” Simply, BANG! And we’re off to the races! I feel like I made the right decision to make friends, and make them early. A few of them came to my aid last night, when I inevitably found myself lost amongst a slew of JS code.

After class, I headed home to eat a late dinner. Afterward, I pulled my laptop back out, and I stared at the code/program that we wrote in class until it made sense. I went through it line by line until I had my own version of a “ah-ha” moment. It wasn’t like a lightbulb went on or anything; it was more like puzzle pieces slowing coming together, but the puzzle is still incomplete.

On a positive note, I finally finished my pre-work (the Treehouse FED track) the other day, so I have that going for me.

Tonight we’re going over objects in JavaScript, so I’m hoping that goes over well enough to where I’m not crying softly after class.

Signing off…

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