But I’m Really Good at Making Cookies

I am entering my fourth week here at Nashville Software School. This is the image that best describes how I’m feeling right about now:

There have been on days and off days. There have been days where I’ve felt upbeat and positive. There have also been days, like yesterday, where it felt like I could be withering away both mentally and physically.

JavaScript has been our main focus for the last two weeks, and frankly, it has not been kind to me. It hasn’t been impossible to get through, but it’s definitely been a struggle. It almost seems as though JS is a mind-blowing magic trick: It’s very difficult to see at face value how it’s done, but once the trick is revealed to you, you almost want to slap yourself in the face for it going over your head.

However, I do feel like I’m catching on to JS programming. I’ve come to learn that it takes me a bit longer than others to understand left-brain activities like computer programming, since I’m naturally a right-brained person. Even though this kind of material makes me frustrated and pissy, I’m still glad that I’m attempting to conquer it. I know the payoff and reward will be well worth the fight.

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