Chaos Is A Ladder

Last week was not my week. It was pretty terrible. Between my battles with depression and learning JavaScript, I was hard to see any silver lining. However, yesterday I had a small breakthrough. I’ll repeat, it was quite small, but a breakthrough none the less.

I sat down with my group mates to try to knock out our weekly exercise, where we had to write a program that converts Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice-versa. I’d like to compare what I was struggling with to writer’s block. I literally had no clue where to start. It was like my brain was trying to translate all of the material I had recently learned, and then apply it to this exercise. So needless to say, not a whole lot got done during group study time on Saturday.

The next day, on Sunday, my group decided to meet up once more, to see if we could make any more progress. After about an hour and a half more of staring at my screen, and doing additional research on code might work, I was finally able to write some stuff down. And that stuff actually did other stuff! It was so exciting! My first breakthrough was pulling the user input degrees, and applying the math to it. Once I had that taken care of, it was relatively straight forward to get the result to print out to the page.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to figure out the last steps in our exercise instructions: have the result print out in certain colors, and let the user be able to use the enter key to submit the degree they want to convert. But I did make A LOT more progress on this exercise than I imagined I would, so I consider it a win.

Mic drop.

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