Bootstrap’s Bootstraps

This past week, we were introduced to Bootstrap 3. Well, several people in the class were introduced to Bootstrap 3. I, however, finally had a chance to sit back, relax, and for once not be the person who is on the verge of tears.

I have been working with Bootstrap 3 code for several years now, and have built multiple sites with it, so everything that we covered during class this past Tuesday was review for me. And now that we’ve covered Bootstrap, I can (once I have the free time) go back to all my old projects, and incorporate it into the code to make them look nicer.

On a similar note, I was very glad that I decided to not waste too much time on the CSS and stylings for my personal bio page. Once I linked the appropriate Bootstrap 3 files to my site, I was able to eliminate about 97% of my own custom CSS stylings, and just use the pre-build classes that came with Bootstrap.

There’s also been an interesting observation on my part: It seems as though there are some that either struggle with Bootstrap, or just straight-up hate it. I can definitely relate to those that are struggling with the grid layout concept, as well as some of the built-in classes; those concepts don’t really take too long to understand. But for those that hate it, I cannot relate to those individuals. I absolutely LOVE Bootstrap. Yes, it’s very true that it’s obvious when a site it powered by Bootstrap. But you really can’t argue with a free mobile-responsive CSS framework, that cuts down on the need for custom CSS, and helps to make your site all pretty and organized!

That’s pretty much all I have to say on the topic of Bootstrap. I’m sure by the time I write my next blog post, I’ll be back to being miserable again.

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