For this assignment, we learned how to deploy a project using Firebase. Firebase allows you to have your data hosted and stored on the cloud, instead of having to have your own database directory in your project. Firebase also allows you to implement user login authentication, so a specific user could log in using either an email address, Google username, Facebook account, or a few other options, and be able to save changes that they made. For instance, in our Movie History assignment, a user could log in using their Google username, search for a certain movie, and save it to their movies list.

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I was pretty excited to learn about APIs. I knew going in that they have the ability to make things a little easier when it comes to acquiring data for your site. They can also make your site more dynamic and interesting. I also knew that APIs can kick your butt, since they’re not very easy.

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JavaScript Promises proved to be one of the more challenging concepts we’ve learned thus far (for me, at least). When it comes to writing an actual promise, it is fairly straight-forward. However, wrapping my head around what exactly a promise does turned out to be the most difficult. Another big issue I had when it came to the understanding of promises was when it is suitable to use one.

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