jQuery & Chatty

On October 7th, we presented our second group project, which combined a few of the latest programming techniques we’ve learned. Our assignment was to, as a group, design and code a chat application, where a user could enter in a string of information in an input field, and that text would display in a “chat section” of the web page.

For this assignment, we had to break our code into separate modules, or javascript files, and use browserify techniques to make it all work. The assignment as a whole went fairly well. I got along great with my new group mates, and we were able to get our MVP completed and turned in on time. We did however hit a few bumps in the road during our assignment. One of the biggest things we realized was that we didn’t spend enough time in the planning phase. If we would have put a little bit more thought into what we wanted to accomplish, then things would have gone smoother overall. Another thing that kind of held us up was the lack of proper communication between us. There were multiple times where we wrote over each other’s code, and got merge conflicts in Github. Overall, I feel like the assignment went really well, and it was definitely a positive learning experience for the four of us.

One of the other bigger things we’ve learned recently is jQuery. I was very excited to start learning jQuery, because from everything that I’ve heard, it makes writing javascript programs much easier. However, learning jQuery proved to be a little more difficult than I originally anticipated. I think the two biggest things that held me up was learning the new syntax, and trying to “uncomplicated” the way I went about writing certain pieces of code. It turns out that there’s quite a few “duh” moments in jQuery. For instance, if you want to perform an action when you click something, the syntax is literally .click(). After having a few in-class exercises and homework assignments involving jQuery, I’m starting to get a better handle on it.

So, until next time…

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