JavaScript Promises proved to be one of the more challenging concepts we’ve learned thus far (for me, at least). When it comes to writing an actual promise, it is fairly straight-forward. However, wrapping my head around what exactly a promise does turned out to be the most difficult. Another big issue I had when it came to the understanding of promises was when it is suitable to use one.

What helped me out the most when it came to fully understanding promises was simply repetition and going back to look at previous assignments. When we had to write multiple promises for each of our assignments, that helped solidify the concept in my mind. I also did a bit of outside research on the web to help myself understand some things I was foggy on.

Here are a few sites that helped me with my understanding:
JavaScript Promises: an Introduction
Promise (from the MDN site)

Overall, after completing a few different in-class projects, homework assignments, and a group project, I have a better, more practical understanding of promises.

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