I remember the first day of learning Angular. It was similar to learning jQuery for the first time. Most of the complications you run into are related to learning the new syntax. Other than that, I liked learning Angular. Having everything broken down into multiple JavaScript and HTML files really helped me to learn more about specific functions and promises, and when/where it’s best to use them.

Even though the initial setup for an angular project takes a little longer, and you have to be really careful with things like your Gruntfile and including things in your index file, I might actually prefer it over using jQuery and Browserify. However, I could definitely see my opinions on Angular waxing and waning, depending on the project and what I’m trying to accomplish, and just in general with how the development industry changes over time.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on the past 5 months, seeing as this will be my last blog post for the front-end portion of school. I still feel as strongly as I did at the beginning, if not stronger, that applying and going to NSS was the best choice for me. Naturally, part of me was afraid that I would enroll, start class, and then figure out that web development wasn’t for me, or I would get too discouraged and want to quit. I will admit that there were numerous times throughout the past few months where I questioned myself and my decision to go here. There were times where I was so depressed from the school and work grind, mixed with not being able to see my wife and kids, that I felt like I could just sit and cry for days. But thankfully, I am endowed with a fantastic support system, consisting of family and friends that truly give a damn about my well-being. I know that there will be more days ahead where my limits will be tested, but I am bound and determined to come out of this on top.

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