I was pretty excited to learn about APIs. I knew going in that they have the ability to make things a little easier when it comes to acquiring data for your site. They can also make your site more dynamic and interesting. I also knew that APIs can kick your butt, since they’re not very easy.

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JavaScript Promises proved to be one of the more challenging concepts we’ve learned thus far (for me, at least). When it comes to writing an actual promise, it is fairly straight-forward. However, wrapping my head around what exactly a promise does turned out to be the most difficult. Another big issue I had when it came to the understanding of promises was when it is suitable to use one.

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jQuery & Chatty

On October 7th, we presented our second group project, which combined a few of the latest programming techniques we’ve learned. Our assignment was to, as a group, design and code a chat application, where a user could enter in a string of information in an input field, and that text would display in a “chat section” of the web page. Continue reading “jQuery & Chatty”


I’m not gonna lie, browserify was kind of a nightmare. There was a LOT of new information to learn regarding browserify, and it took me a while to wrap my head around the new material. One of the most difficult things about browserify was the introduction of having different modules for all the tasks you need to complete in the assignment. Then you have to link each JavaScript module properly. It all proved to be a pretty big hurdle for me. However, after completing a few assignments, requiring us to use browserify, I am now a little more confident in my abilities to use it and not cry as much.

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