Professional History and Education

Work Experience

Cushing Systems Inc.  |  Full-Stack Software Developer
July 2018 – Present

In July 2018, I began my current role as a full-stack developer at Cushing Systems Inc. The majority of my time at the company thus far has been dedicated to rewriting our legacy code, to conform to more contemporary programming practices. This endeavor has involved technologies such as .NET Core, C#, Entity Framework, SQL Server, Angular 6, and Bootstrap 4. Additionally, I have worked with JWT Token Authentication, unit testing (both back and front-end), and source control using Sourcetree and Bitbucket.

Nashville Software School  |  Apprentice Software Developer
July 2017 – June 2018

At the Nashville Software School, I am an apprentice full-stack software developer.

During the first six months at NSS, I practiced numerous valuable front-end concepts, such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap 4, Sass, JavaScript & jQuery, Browserify & Grunt, AngularJS, and Google’s Firebase. The conclusion to the front-end portion was my submission of two things: A capstone project, titled You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Quote, a movie quote database, with full CRUD operations. This project demonstrated every single programming and coding principle from my front-end development knowledge base. The second thing was my first portfolio site. It was completed using AngularJS, with all of my blog posts hosted using Firebase.

Since the start of the second half this past January 2018, I have also practiced several valuable back-end programming concepts, such as C# inside Visual Studio, Object-Oriented Programming, Microsoft SQL Server, ERDs, and manipulating T-SQL data using C#. Upon completion of my time at NSS, I will have a final capstone project, which will demonstrate my full-stack knowledge and capabilities.

G/O Digital  |  Email Specialist
November 2015 – Present

G/O Digital is a digital marketing company based out of Phoenix, AZ, but has a few other offices throughout the US. At the Nashville office, we are solely responsible for all of the email campaigns that the entire company produces.

As an Email Specialist at G/O Digital, I code mobile-responsive emails for automotive dealerships. On a daily basis, I implement best email coding practices using HTML, CSS, Outlook conditional code, & media queries. I use a program called Email On Acid to test each email, to make sure that it displays properly across all email platforms, such as Outlook, Apple Mail, and Gmail. Everyone on the email team uses Salesforce as the project management software to handle all of our tasks.

In 2017, I was the top performer on the Email Specialist team, producing more than 1,600 emails. In addition, I have also received numerous accolades from my peers, as well as from my management. These are usually in the form of “G/O Digital Spotlight Awards”, which can only be handed down from superiors.

HCA  |  Web Content Migrator
April 2015 – November 2015

As a Web Content Migrator at HCA, I was responsible for migrating HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap 3 code from old physician and hospital websites, to new one-page style templates. I would work in six-week sprints, alongside front & back-end developers, quality assurance, and the project manager, to complete each project. I would be assigned two hospital sites to migrate each sprint.

A good portion of our job responsibilities during each migration would be to restructure the current content for each page on the hospital site to look more fresh, contemporary, and minimalistic. Our two main tools that we utilized were the Sublime Text code editor, and dotCMS, which is an advanced content management system that HCA uses. The new one-page templates that were pre-built for us were able to function with Bootstrap 3 code, so I used that as a CSS framework to make sure that each page on the new site was easy to read, and was also mobile-responsive. Another significant duty in my work was making sure that certain accessibility features, such as screen reading for the blind, were utilized whenever possible.


Nashville Software School
July 2017 – Present

Full-Stack Software Development

JavaScript, jQuery, Browserify & Grunt, AngularJS, Firebase, C#, ASP.NET, SQL

Nashville State Community College
August 2012 – May 2014

Visual Communications – Web Design

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, web design with Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Cyber Law,  final Capstone.