Front-End Projects

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You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Quote

Front-end capstone project

This project is a reflection of everything I have learned in the first 6 months at the Nashville Software School. The project demonstrates my front-end capabilities, specifically with JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Firebase, and Bootstrap. My actual capstone project is a movie quote database called You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Quote. It allows a user to find specific quotes from any movie, and if they can’t find the quote they’re looking for, they can submit one.

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My Contacts

A Simple Contacts App

For this assignment, we had to use AngularJS to build a simple contacts app, where a user could add, save, and edit their contacts, like they would using their cell phone. A user is required to log in using their Google account, and their contact information is stored using Google’s Firebase. The user can also choose to “favorite” a contact, where it will then show up on the favorites page.

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Fahrenheit/Celsius Temperature Converter

This app allows you to input a certain temperature, select whether you want to convert that temp to fahrenheit or celsius, then outputs the correct conversion. If the temperature is greater than 90F/32C the color of the converted temperature will be red. If the temperature is less than 32F/0C the color of the converted temperature will be blue. And for any other temperature, the color should be green.

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Back-End Projects

Amber & Grain

An API/ASP.NET project

Amber & Grain is a fictional hipster-style brewery and distillery.

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Bangazon Marketplace

A console app group project

The Bangazon Marketplace was our first group project for the back-end. We simulated a team/SCRUM environment, and worked in a two-week sprint to complete the project. The goal was to create a console application that had similar features to Amazon. The user had to be able to do things such as create an account, search for available items, add items to their cart, sell items, and process an order.

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